Man Killed by Shark While Swimming at Night

Shark Kills Man
Shark Kills Man

Illustration/Wikimedia Commons

A 22-year-old Cuban man died Sunday night after being attacked by a shark while swimming with friends, a rare report reported Monday by a provincial newspaper on the Caribbean island.

“A shark attacked three couples taking a night bath, causing the death of a young man” on the beach of Guardalavaca, said Ahora, the newspaper of the province of Holguin, pointing out that the incident was “without precedent”in the history of this seaside resort located some 450 miles east of Havana.

The young man called for help and his companions managed to make the shark flee by hitting it with a bottle. However, the man had already suffered some substantial wounds. They then took him to a nearby clinic but he died shortly after his admission, according to Ahora.

“His condition was very serious and he had a wide and deep wound in his left thigh which affected the femoral artery,” said doctor Enrique Remedios.

According to the companions of the deceased young man, the facts occurred around 23:00 local time “less than 10 feet” from the shore.

If the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Florida Straits are home to sharks, they rarely venture near the beaches of the largest island in the Caribbean, whose turquoise waters attract millions of tourists every year.

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