Apple Briefly Reaches $900 Billion Market Capitalization

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Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the iPhone X/Wikimedia Commons

Apple briefly reached the $900 billion market capitalization mark on Wall Street on Friday, the launch day of the iPhone X and one day after the publication of better than expected financial results.

Comforting its position as the largest market capitalization, Apple reached this symbolic threshold early in the session in New York, its shares climbing to 174.24 dollars.

The stock finally closed up 2.61% to $ 172.50, bringing the capitalization to $ 890 billion.

The faithful of the brand did not hesitate Friday to queue to buy the new iPhoneX, which marks the 10th anniversary of the flagship smartphone.

Apple also delighted investors Thursday by publishing a quarterly net profit up 19% to $ 10.7 billion and a turnover of 52.6 billion (+ 12%).

Apple now has $ 269 billion in cash.

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