Trump to Hillary: “Please Run Again!”

trump hillary

trump hillary

Donald Trump on Monday launched a challenge to his former presidential candidate opponent, Hillary Clinton, telling her, mockingly, to run again for the White House in 2020.

“I hope Hillary runs,” the US President said at a news conference. “Hillary, please run again! Go ahead.”

Taking the opposite view of the White House tenant, the former secretary of state feels that NFL players, employees of the professional football league, who kneel on the ground during the American anthem did not protest against hymn or flag “but” against racism and injustice “, and that they “absolutely have the right to do so “.

“That’s why she lost the election”

“I think she is wrong … and honestly, it’s that thinking and that is the reason she lost the election,” Trump said, reaffirming his conviction that such a gesture was “a lack of respect for the flag and the country “. Hillary Clinton has ruled out re-running for the US presidency.

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