Federal Judge Suspends Donald Trump’s Travel Ban… Again!

President Donald Trump

President Trump/Wikimedia Commons

A federal judge in Hawaii has suspended on Tuesday the application of the latest version of the anti-immigration decree of US President Donald Trump, just hours before it went into force in its entirety.

This decision of magistrate Derrick Watson is national in scope and should be the subject of a rapid appeal by the government, which intends to permanently prohibit the crossing of US borders to nationals of seven Muslim countries.

The third version of the decree “suffers precisely from the same evils as its predecessor,” wrote Judge Watson, noting that the text struggled to show how the authorized entry of more than 150 million foreign nationals from the target countries” would harm the interests of the United States “.

This blocking relaunches an epic battle in the courts around Donald Trump’s desire to tighten the borders of the United States, citing reasons of national security. The president is accused by his detractors of targeting Muslims in a discriminatory way.

The two previous versions of his anti-immigration decree were also suspended by Federal judges. The case even went all the way to the Supreme Court, which ultimately offered a late victory, mostly a symbolic one, to the president, on a second version of the text with expired effects.

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On September 25, Donald Trump signed a third and new decree that permanently bans the crossing of US borders to nationals of seven countries. These countries include Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, plus North Korea and Chad. Punitively, the new decree also suspends the entry of Venezuelan government officials into the United States.

The restrictions laid down in the new decree were due to enter into force on Wednesday.

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