College Student, Lindsey Marie Michaels, Dies While Train Hopping With Boyfriend

Lindsey Marie Michaels

Lindsey Marie Michaels

Lindsey Marie Michaels, a Pennsylvania college student died while “train hopping” with her boyfriend, reports Fox News. Lindsey, 21, fell from a coal train at Norfolk Southern tracks in Pittsburgh around 2:30 Sunday morning, WTAE-TV reported.

Marie Michaels died when she fell and was dragged under the train. “The train, moving 130 cars loaded with coal, was traveling at about 3 to 4 mph through this area and then began to pick up speed,” said Jon Glass, spokesman for Norfolk Southern, to the TV station. “The train crew did not see anyone trying to jump on the train and was not aware that anyone might have been hit,” the spokesman added.

The train was later stopped by the police to obtain evidence. Norfolk Southern, in the meantime, stresses that walking or running on the tracks are illegal.

Michaels attended Carlow University in Pittsburgh and was on the dean’s list, the station reported. Her mother told the station that her daughter was a “good girl” who had just turned 21 years. She said that she believes that her daughter and her boyfriend thought it would be fun to try to train hop.

Her boyfriend suffered an ankle injury, according to CBS News.

“We mourn their loss , ” said Carlow University in a statement.

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