Uber Accused of Inflating Its Prices During the London Terrorist Attack


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The computer system of Uber UK would have “overreacted” Saturday night during the attacks that took place in London.

According to many users of the ride-sharing platform, prices surprisingly rose during the wave of panic that shook London Bridge. On social media, several users have accused Uber of having “taken advantage” of the fact that many people sought to leave as quickly as possible to inflate the price of the service.

The comments are not good for Uber. “Big fan of Uber but disappointed that they are taking advantage of a terrorist attack,” tweeted a user. 

“Shame on Uber for raising its prices for people trying to flee central London. Disgusting,” added another.

“It’s time for TFL (Transport for London) to make the right decision and banish Uber from London. How can they increase their rates in such a context?”, added another user. 

Screenshot of his Uber invoice in support, another user indignantly added: “You will really multiply your prices by 2.1 during a terrorist attack? It’s scandalous.”

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