Teens Found in Successful Paris Catacombs Rescue

catacombs 1

catacombs 3Aged 16 and 17, the teens were found safe and sound in the Paris Catacombs after a successful rescue.

Tired, but rather healthy, two teenagers were found this Wednesday morning in the catacombs of Paris. They had remained no less than three days in the subterranean chambers after having been lost during a visit.

Aged 16 and 17, they would have gotten “lost” in the catacombs located south of Paris. They would not have used the authorized circuit for organized tours, according to officials. 

“The circuit of the catacombs, which depends on Paris-Museums, is well marked, and nobody has ever been lost,” said the organization Catacombes de Paris.

A place filled with human “remains”, where parties are organized.

In total, it took four hours of research for firefighters and their dog teams to find the teens. In hypothermia, teenagers were taken to a hospital for examinations.

The catacombs, housed in the galleries of former quarries at 20 meters underground, gather the remains of six million Parisians, transferred between the end of the 18th century and the middle of the 19th century as certain cemeteries closed.

Although it is forbidden to enter it outside the framework of the guided tours, many “cataphiles” have gone to the underground network to organize festivals, games of track or simply by interest.

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