Russian Toddler Sleeps for Days Without Being Hungry or Thirsty



A little girl in Russia has been suffering from a strange “disorder” that has left both parents and doctors perplexed. Nicknamed “Sleeping Beauty” by her mother, the girl can sleep for days without being hungry, thirsty, or going to the bathroom, reports the Siberian Times. When she wakes up, which only lasts a few hours, her skin turns red, fever appears and she begins to tremble.

The parents have no explanation for their daughter’s illness. They want to make their case known to as many people as possible, in an attempt to find the cause.

Doctors say that apart from this syndrome, the girl is “healthy”. Anya is able to play, eat, but then falls back to sleep for whole days: her heart rate slows down and her body temperature drops from 37 to 35 ° C, according to Russian media.

The first symptoms occurred at the age of six months, while Anna was having lunch. “I was feeding her, and she fell asleep all of a sudden,” the mother told the Siberian Times.

The next day, her parents, who live in the town of Pervouralsk at the foot of the Urals, took the girl to the hospital, where she has been staying for the past year.

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Doctors have already ruled out several causes: encephalitis, meningitis, cardiac pathology, genetic disease… etc. They even considered a diagnosis of epilepsy, which does not seem to convince the parents.


The Siberian Times believes that the little girl may suffer from Kleine-Levin syndrome, a rare neurological disease that causes phases of hypersomnia.

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