Russia Accuses the United States of Deploying Missiles in Syria

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The HIMARS System/Wikimedia Commons

Russia on Thursday accused the United States of deploying missiles against the Damascus army in the al-Tanaf garrison in Syria, a few kilometers from the Jordanian border.

The Russian army said in a statement that the United States has transported two batteries of HIMARS multiple rocket launchers from Jordan to Al-Tanaf.

“The installation of all kinds of foreign weapons on Syrian territory, especially multiple rocket launchers, must be the subject of an agreement with the sovereign government of the country,” denounced the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“The range of the HIMARS multiple rocket launchers does not allow them to support the units of the Syrian Democratic Forces, controlled by the United States, which is fighting terrorists from the Islamic State Organization in Raqqa,” says the army.

The US-led international coalition “has repeatedly attacked Syrian government forces, which are fighting against ISIS near the border with Jordan,” she said.

“So it is not difficult to imagine that such attacks against the Syrian army units will continue, but this time with the help of the HIMARS”, assures the Russian army, before asking: “What are the real objectives of the United States in Syria, and against whom are they fighting? ”

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The coalition established a so-called “de-escalation zone” of 34 miles around the Al-Tanaf base by decreeing that Russian and Syrian forces were not allowed to enter.

The region has been the scene of several clashes in recent days between the forces of the regime and those supported by the international coalition.

On June 8th, the coalition announced that it had shot down a drone, probably belonging to forces linked to Damascus, and warned of “escalation”. This was the third time in less than a month that the coalition had struck down the regime’s objectives in this area.

Russia has been involved militarily in Syria since September 2015 and stood firmly opposed to the first American air strikes decided by Donald Trump in early April against an air base of the Syrian regime.

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