James Comey to Testify on June 8th to the US Senate

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Former FBI Director James Comey, fired by President Donald Trump, will testify to the US Senate on June 8th — Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

​Former FBI director James Comey, sacked by President Donald Trump, will testify on June 8th in the US Senate on Russian interference in the US presidential campaign of 2016.

The eagerly awaited hearing will be public and will take place before the Senate Intelligence Commission at 10 AM, the latter said on Thursday in a statement.

It will be followed by an off camera hearing before the 15 Republican and Democratic members of the commission, who are entitled to defense secrecy.

The subject of possible collusion between members of the Donald Trump campaign team and Russia should be addressed, as it was part of the scope of the investigation supervised by Mr. Comey until his sudden dismissal on May 9th by the president.

The former director, who has been silent in public since his firing, will also be questioned by the elected officials who want to confirm whether Donald Trump really exerted pressure on the FBI to influence the investigation on Russia.

Several media reported that Mr. Comey had recorded in notes that Mr. Trump had asked him one-on-one to “drop” the investigation of his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, one of the Central characters of the Russian affair.

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The president had denied any intervention, just as he denied any collusion with Moscow.

The replacement of Mr. Comey as head of the federal police has not yet been appointed by the Republican leader.

But in the meantime, the investigation into Russian interference and possible collusion has been entrusted by the Justice Department to a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, himself a former boss of the FBI with a reputation for independence.

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