Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Suspected of Corruption

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The US Senate’s Justice Commission has launched an investigation into possible pressures exerted by Hillary Clinton on Bangladesh authorities. Then Secretary of State Clinton allegedly tried to help one of her supporters, Muhammad Yunus, escape the justice of his country.

Clinton had access to top secret information after her departure from the State Department. Democrat Hilary Clinton has tried to help a sponsor of the Clinton Foundation, Muhammad Yunus, avoid corruption prosecution launched by the Bangladeshi government, Chuck Grassley, chairman of the US Senate Justice Committee, said.

Thus, the Senate committee has initiated proceedings against the former secretary of state to reveal her actions between 2009 and 2013, according to the Daily Caller.

Hilary Clinton is said to have ordered high-ranking US diplomats to pressure Bangkok’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and his son Sajeeb to end a corruption investigation against Muhammad Yunus. The newspaper also claims that the former secretary of state has in particular threatened Sajeeb to carry out a tax audit of all his activities in the United States if his mother did not stop the process against Mr. Yunus.

Chuck Grassley addressed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to provide the Senate Committee with all relevant papers, including correspondence, by June 15. The Daily Caller reported that it was the first Hillary Clinton investigation launched by Congress since the democrat’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

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Previously, the FBI had already investigated Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email address to send and receive information classified as “confidential” while she was Secretary of State. The FBI had concluded that Ms. Clinton’s actions were not a crime. However, it was acknowledged that she had acted carelessly.

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