Donald Trump Postpones Visit to United Kingdom Due to Fear of Mass Protests Against Him

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On January 27th, only seven days after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, British Prime Minister Theresa May, received in Washington by the President, assured that public that she had sent a royal invitation to visit the British territory to Donald Trump and that the latter had accepted it.

However, according to The Guardian, this trip will not take place until further notice.

The newspaper revealed on Sunday that during a recent telephone conversation, the US President explained to the PM that he would not go to the United Kingdom as long as there were fear of mass protests against his coming. The statement took the Prime Minister by surprise. However, the condition has in any case resulted in an indefinite postponement of Donald Trump’s diplomatic visit.

The imbroglio around the trip extends the diplomatic problems of the new administration, especially vis-a-vis the United Kingdom. For example, the rumor that Donald Trump may choose Woody Johnson, a businessman and owner of the New York Jets football team, as the US ambassador to the United Kingdom has not pleased many officials in the Kingdom. The president has not yet submitted Johnson’s name to the Senate for approval.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump Shake Hands During the Prime Minister’s Visit to Washington on January 27th

Meanwhile, Lewis Lukens, the current US representative on the island, went opposite of the President by praising London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan’s action during the London bombings of last week. This tribute followed the criticism of Donald Trump, who accused Sadiq Khan of not caring enough for saying that the public should not “be alarmed by terrorist attacks”.

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The mayor had in fact declared that the public should not be alarmed by the reinforcement of armed police patrols in the streets of the city. After hearing these elements of explanation, Donald Trump evoked a “pathetic excuse”.

Sadiq Khan then had asked his government to cancel the visit of Donald Trump.

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