Couple Gives Birth to Sextuplets After 17 Years of Infertility


All six babies and mother are doing well — Photo Credit: VCU Medical Center

The mother gave birth to three boys and three girls in perfect health.

After a series of desperate attempts to have a child for seventeen years, a couple from Richmond have recently welcomed… sextuplets.

The three little boys and the three little girls, born on the 11th of May, are doing well. The babies stayed in the intensive care unit at the VCU Medical Center, where they had a multiple birth for the very first time in their history.

They were trying to have a child for 17 years

Ajobola Taiwo, the mother, gave birth by caesarean section at the end of thirty weeks and two days of pregnancy. Nearly 40 health professionals were mobilized for the procedure, specifies the Canadian media TVA News.

The parents, of Nigerian origin, had been trying unsuccessfully to have children for seventeen years. The couple spent more than $ 213,000 on in vitro fertilization procedures, Ajobola Taiwo said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper Nigeria Standard.


Credit: VCU Medical Center

“We are experiencing this extraordinary adventure with the family,” says Ronald Ramus, the hospital’s maternity director. “It’s not every day that we see parents going home with sextuplets. Mrs. Taiwo ate, slept, and breathed for seven.”

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“I hope that the smallest of my six children, once grown up, will say, “I was tiny, and look at me now.” I would like my children to come back one day [to the hospital] to learn to care for others, to the people who have taken care of me and my family,” said the young mother, quoted by the hospital.

According to Nigeria Standard, the boys would have been named Oluwasetemina, Oluwajubeelo and Oluwashindara, and the little girls Oluwafunmibi, Oluwasemiloore and MorayoninuOluwa.

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