Merkel Wants a More Independent Europe

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“The days when we could count on one another are almost over. I have experienced this in the last few days. We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands.” This is what Angela Merkel, back in Germany, said after the NATO meeting in Brussels and the G7 summit in Sicily.

“The Chancellor does not name him directly, but it is obvious that her remarks are the consequence of President Trump’s catastrophic European tour,” said the Los Angeles Times.

“His refusal to commit himself to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, the fact that he leaves doubt about his intentions regarding the maintenance or non-maintenance of the United States in the Paris agreements on climate change, Or his doubtful position vis-à-vis Moscow, mean that the most influential of European leaders today believes that the United States is no longer a reliable partner.”

Angela Merkel’s statement is all the more important because “the Chancellor is a prudent personality, quite the opposite of Donald Trump,” notes the Washington Post. “And her well-thought-out words show that Merkel now wants to change the European Union so that it is stronger, more independent, especially from the United States. If the chancellor wins the parliamentary elections in September convincingly and if she gets enough support from other states, she could initiate a profound change in relations between the United States and the European Union.”

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The New York Times even speaks of an “earthquake in transatlantic relations”. “This is the end of the era when the United States was leading and Europe was following,” said a former US diplomat with NATO in the columns of the newspaper. “Donald Trump is harming US interests,” says The Atlantic.

“This situation is not only complicated, it is also dangerous.” For the monthly magazine, there is only one beneficiary of this geopolitical evolution, it is Russia. “Donald Trump’s European tour was perfect for the Kremlin. Putin could not have invented a better script. “

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