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Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Allowed to Drive Trucks and Motorcycles

Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world to ban women from driving. The lifting of the ban will allow women to drive cars, motorcycles and trucks starting June...

Teva Headquarters

Teva to Layoff 14,000 Employees Worldwide

The Israeli company Teva, the world’s largest generic drug maker facing serious financial difficulties, announced Thursday the suppression of 14,000 jobs worldwide...

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Sees Himself as the Sole Guarantor of Stability

Vladimir Putin assured that the standard of living of the Russians would be his priority for his new mandate.

Putin: Russian Interference in 2016 Elections Are Inventions of Trump’s Opponents

Russian President Vladimir Putin ruled Thursday that the charges of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election were “invented” by Donald...

Duterte rodrigo

Rodrigo Duterte Wants to Prolong Martial law in the Philippines

On May 23, 2017, martial law was imposed on this island to counter an assault on the city of Marawi by Islamist groups Maute and Abu Sayyaf, close to the Islamic State.

North Korea Aims to Become the Strongest Nuclear Power in the World

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is determined to make his country the “strongest nuclear power” in the world, the official North Korean news agency KCNA...

US Slams WTO on Litigation Tendencies

Among the first speakers at the WTO summit in Buenos Aires, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hit hard

American Man Escapes from Bali Prison

Christian Beasley, 32, escaped from his prison cell in Bali by climbing the prison wall with a ladder and descended on the other side with a rope

Arab States Urge Trump to Annul Jerusalem Decision

The Arab League is urging President Trump to cancel his announcement announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The League states that its...

Canada Cancels Deal with Boeing

Canada is giving up the purchase of Super Hornet fighter planes, US aircraft manufacturer Boeing said on Friday in favor of Australian F-18 fighters