Daredevil Climber Dies After Falling From 62-Story Building

Chinese daredevil climber dies after falling from 62-story building. He was doing the stunt for $15,000 prize.

American Man Escapes from Bali Prison

Christian Beasley, 32, escaped from his prison cell in Bali by climbing the prison wall with a ladder and descended on the other side with a rope

New Fossil Reveals Swimming Dinosaur

An international team of researchers have discovered a new species of dinosaur thanks to a fossil dating from 71 to 75 million years ago, discovered a few years ago in...


Missouri Woman Wins Lottery Twice in One Day

She might just be the luckiest human alive. A Missouri woman by the name of Veronica Buchanan has won the lottery twice in just one day. On November 29th, she bought...

F1 team members robbed

F1 Team Members Robbed at Gun Point in Brazil

All is well for Mercedes in Formula 1. While there are still two Grand Prix to be played, the German team is assured of the title among manufacturers as its driver Lewis...

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Denied Entry Into Chile

Former US boxer Mike Tyson was denied entry into Chile after he had landed at an airport in Santiago de Chile and is set to be deported to the US in a future flight, the...

Shark Kills Man

Man Killed by Shark While Swimming at Night

A 22-year-old Cuban man died Sunday night after being attacked by a shark while swimming with friends, a rare report reported Monday by a provincial newspaper on the...

Zucchini mistaken for bomb

Zucchini Mistaken for Bomb in Bretten, Germany

More fear than harm. A resident of Bretten (Germany) called the police on Friday, November 3, after he thought he saw an intact World War II bomb in his garden. After...


Weed Smokers Have More Sex Than Non-smokers

According to recent study by Stanford University School of Medicine, people who smoke weed on average have more sex than others. However, The authors of the study took...

Volcanic Crater Near Naples

Italian Family Dies in Volcanic Crater Near Naples

A Italian couple and their 11-year-old son died Tuesday by falling into a volcanic crater near Naples, according to the management of the park they were visiting. The...