Financial News

Teva Headquarters

Teva to Layoff 14,000 Employees Worldwide

The Israeli company Teva, the world’s largest generic drug maker facing serious financial difficulties, announced Thursday the suppression of 14,000 jobs worldwide...

Toyota and Panasonic Join Forces to Develop Car Batteries

One of the world's leading suppliers, Panasonic is working with Tesla and wants to double its revenues from the automotive business by 2022.

Oil Refinery

World Bank to Stop Funding Oil Production by 2019

The World Bank will stop funding after 2019 the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. In 2016, World Bank financing in the oil and gas industry accounted for...

US Slams WTO on Litigation Tendencies

Among the first speakers at the WTO summit in Buenos Aires, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hit hard

Weapon Sales Up for the First Time Since 2010

Arms and defense-related sales were up again in 2016, the first time since 2010, to reach US $ 374.8 billion, according to a report released on Saturday. The study,...

Canada Cancels Deal with Boeing

Canada is giving up the purchase of Super Hornet fighter planes, US aircraft manufacturer Boeing said on Friday in favor of Australian F-18 fighters

Spotify and Tencent Join Forces

Spotify, the world leader in paid music streaming, and the Chinese platform Tencent announced Friday a cross-shareholding agreement that will almost surely guarantee...

The Economy Created More Jobs than Expected in November

The US economy posted a strong job report for November, exceeding analysts’ expectations with 228,000 jobs created against 190,000 expected. The unemployment rate...

Yamal Project

Russia Launches Titanic Yamal Gas Project in the Arctic

Russia has inaugurated Friday its gigantic Yamal gas site in Arctic Siberia, erected in extreme weather and geological conditions, with the participation of the French...

Broadcom Wants to Buy Qualcomm for $130Bn

The US semiconductor company Broadcom announced Monday an unsolicited bid for its competitor Qualcomm, for a total amount of 130 billion dollars, which would be one of...