Ann Georges


Daily Tea Drinking May Reduce The Risk of Glaucoma

Glaucoma may have found its match: a cup of tea per day! A new study reveals that a cup of hot tea per day reduces the risk of glaucoma by 74%.

Donald Trump

Trump Hits Back at Female Democratic Senator in Trump Style

"so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS!"

Weight Loss Could Cure Type 2 Diabetes

The greater the loss, the more likely it is to heal.

Spotify and Tencent Join Forces

Spotify, the world leader in paid music streaming, and the Chinese platform Tencent announced Friday a cross-shareholding agreement that will almost surely guarantee...

Air Pollution Increases the Risk of Mental Health Problems

According to a new study conducted by the University of Washington, the risks of psychological distress increase with the amount of pollution in the air. “The...

Zucchini mistaken for bomb

Zucchini Mistaken for Bomb in Bretten, Germany

More fear than harm. A resident of Bretten (Germany) called the police on Friday, November 3, after he thought he saw an intact World War II bomb in his garden. After...

Infertility Increases the Risk of Death in Women

According to a recent US study, a clear link exists between fertility disorders and mortality. This association, already established in men, is also valid for women....

Trump and Comey

Trump accuses Former FBI Boss James Comey of “Protecting” Hillary Clinton

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused former FBI director James Comey of intervening in favor of Hillary Clinton last year in the FBI’s thorny e-mail...

President Donald Trump

Federal Judge Suspends Donald Trump’s Travel Ban… Again!

A federal judge in Hawaii has suspended on Tuesday the application of the latest version of the anti-immigration decree of US President Donald Trump, just hours before...

Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million for Info Leading to Trump’s Impeachment

The founder of the pornographic magazine Hustler, Larry Flynt, has offered $ 10 million to anyone who can provide information that could lead to the impeachment of US...