Facebook Selfie Reveals Murder Weapon

Facebook selfie murder weapon

A Facebook selfie has been crucial to solving a mysterious murder case. Hours before the murder, the murderer posted a picture on the social network with a belt that later proved to be the murder weapon.

Facebook selfie murder weapon

An 18-year-old woman was found dead, a belt left beside her. A few hours before, her best friend had posted a selfie on Facebook in which she was wearing the same accessory. Photo Credit: Facebook

Cheyenne Antoine, 21, was sentenced Monday to seven years in jail for the murder of Brittney Gargol, her 18-year-old best friend. Accused of second degree murder, the young woman pleaded guilty to manslaughter. In court, the prosecutor explained that it took two years for the authorities to conclude this complicated investigation, reports CBC.

Cheyenne explained that on the night of the drama, she and Brittney went out for a drink and a fight broke out. The young woman does not deny having killed her friend, but does not remember strangling her, in March 2015. The body of the victim was found on a road in Saskatoon (West), with a belt left nearby. This accessory, probably the murder weapon, has captured the attention of the police. While doing research on Facebook, the investigators came across a selfie of Cheyenne and Brittney, posted on Facebook a few hours before the latter’s death. In the picture, Cheyenne wore the same belt. She became the No. 1 suspect in the case.

From this potentially overwhelming evidence, the authorities went through the Facebook profiles of the two young women and managed to reconstruct the hours that preceded the crime. Cheyenne tried to make a diversion by asking on social media if anyone knew where her best friend was. She also tried to make investigators believe that Brittney had left the bar with a stranger the night of the murder. CCTV footage showed to police to that the young woman was lying.

Finally, an informant led the authorities to a friend of Cheyenne, to whom she confessed her crime the same evening. Drunk and hysterical, the young woman when to that other friend and explained that she had hit and strangled Brittney. “No doubt, this young woman has problems. And because of these problems, she is dangerous,” Robin Ritter, the prosecutor, told the court. Cheyenne did not address the court directly, but her lawyer read a statement: “I will never forgive myself. There is nothing I can say or do to bring her back. I’m really, really sorry… That should not have happened,” the statement read.

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