Kim Jong-Un Claims to Be Close to having Nuclear Weapon

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, quoted by the local KCNA agency, said on Saturday that he is close to having the nuclear weapon despite international sanctions.

Ensuring that the ultimate goal of the Pyongyang military program is to achieve a “balance of power” with the United States, Kim Jong-Un estimated that the firing a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile on Friday morning, above Japan, was a success and further increased the “military nuclear capabilities” of his country.

The North Korean leader was speaking only a few hours after the “strong condemnation” of the missile shot by the UN Security Council on Friday afternoon in New York.

Speaking of “scandalous”, “highly provocative” acts, the Council called on North Korea “to stop them immediately”, in a statement issued after its off-camera emergency meeting: “These actions are not only a threat to the region but also to all member states of the United Nations.”

Carl Frantz

Polyglot, humanitarian, Carl was born in Germany but raised in the USA. He writes mostly on tech, science and culture.