Iran Could Leave the Nuclear Agreement If New Sanctions Are Imposed

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani — Wikimedia Commons

Iran could leave the nuclear agreement that it reached with world powers on its nuclear program if the United States continue its policies of “sanctions and coercion”, threatened Tuesday the Iranian president Hassan Rohani.

Concluded in July 2015 between Tehran and the major powers, the nuclear agreement provides that Iran will limit its nuclear program to civilian uses in exchange for the gradual lifting of international sanctions.

“The failed experience of sanctions and coercion led their previous administrations to the negotiating table,” Rohani told a parliament in a televised speech. “But if they want to go back to these methods, certainly, in a very short time – not weeks or months, but days or hours – we will return to the pre-agreement situation. Way more firmly,” he added.

The newly re-elected Iranian president said his American counterpart Donald Trump had proved to the world that he was “not a good partner.”

“In recent months, the world has witnessed that the United States, in addition to constantly breaking its promises regarding the nuclear agreement, have repeatedly ignored international agreements and showed their allies that they ‘Were not a good partner,’ Mr Rohani said.

In mid-July, the US administration imposed new targeted legal and financial sanctions against Iranian individuals and entities related to the ballistic program, which is  banned by a UN resolution.

The US Congress then voted in late July sanctions against Iran, accused of developing its ballistic program, violating human rights and supporting groups like the Lebanese Hezbollah, referred to as “terrorists” by Washington.

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